Blockade of the oil depot in Finistère: What is happening

For several days, construction workers and laborers have been blocking the oil depot in the port of Brest (Finistere). As a result, some stations are running out of fuel. On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, the prefect of the Finistère department, Alain Espinasse, nevertheless stressed that “it is not a question of a fuel shortage”. He called for civility. More news can be found on our website.

As a result, some gas stations in the department are no longer supplied and pumps in Kimpere and Guillera are running out of fuel.

The prefect of the Finistère department, Alain Espinasse, commented on the situation, emphasizing in a press release that “there is no shortage of fuel.” According to the prefect, these difficulties are temporary and are mainly the result of an influx of road users at gas stations, resulting in higher than usual fuel consumption.

The prefect is calling for civic awareness

He added that most suppliers have made alternative arrangements and are turning to other depots (Donge, Verne-sur-Seiche) to replenish their stocks: as delivery times have increased, there may be temporary disruptions to service stations for some distributors, but these are not expected to last and can only be exacerbated by consumers’ excessive precautionary stocks.

The prefect of the Finistère department is appealing to everyone’s sense of civic responsibility. He recommends that citizens behave in such a way as to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

“We will not move until progress is made at the national level,” said Stéphane Jezequel, president of the National Chamber of Public Works and Landscape Masters in Finistère, on Monday, February 12.