Success Resources is a company that organises seminars, trainings and events in the field of personal growth, business and finance. The company was founded in 1992 in Singapore. Its founder, Richard Tan, started organising sales and marketing seminars for companies in Singapore and South Asia. In 1995 the company started organising personal development events with well-known motivational speakers.

In 2001, the company opened an office in Australia and then expanded to other regions including Europe, Asia and North America. Success Resources works with many well-known authors and motivational speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Busen and Brian Tracy.

Today, Success Resources is one of the largest providers of seminars and training in the world and organises more than 500 events annually, attended by more than 1 million people in more than 30 countries. The company is also headquartered in Singapore and has offices around the world.

Overview of Success Resources – renowned speakers

Success Resources invites many well-known speakers and authors in the fields of personal growth, motivation, business and finance to its events. Some of the most well-known speakers who have worked with Success Resources include:

  • Tony Robbins: renowned motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur;
  • Robert Kiyosaki: author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and personal finance expert;
  • Nick Vujicic: author and motivational speaker who talks about overcoming adversity and achieving success;
  • T. Harv Eker: author of The Secrets of a Mindful Millionaire and an expert on personal growth and finance;
  • Les Brown: motivational speaker and author who helps people find their strength and achieve their goals.

Overview of Success Resources – Famous Events:

  • National Achievers Congress is the largest personal growth conference held annually in Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia and other countries. The conference features leading speakers in the fields of personal growth, motivation and business.
  • Unleash the Power Within is a three-day personal growth workshop hosted by Tony Robbins and Success Resources. The workshop aims to help people release their potential and achieve their goals.
  • Date with Destiny is a six-day Tony Robbins workshop aimed at helping people create the life they want and achieve emotional and financial freedom.
  • Wealth Mastery is a three-day workshop that helps participants learn how to manage their finances and create wealth.
  • National Achievers Congress Women’s Summit is an annual conference held in Singapore dedicated to women leaders. The conference features leading speakers in the fields of personal growth, motivation and business who share their success stories and teach participants how to develop as leaders.
  • National Achievers Congress Youth Summit is an annual conference held in Singapore for young people who want to succeed in life. The conference features leading speakers in the field of personal growth and motivation who help young people develop and achieve their goals.

Overview of Success Resources – webinars and online courses

Success Resources runs many online courses and webinars in a variety of fields. Some of the best known include:

  • Unleash the Power Within: this is an online course from Tony Robbins which covers basic personal growth topics such as self-discipline, emotional intelligence, financial management and others.
  • Millionaire Mind Intensive: is a webinar by T. Harv Eker, which helps people change their inner world and overcome financial limitations.
  • Lead the Field: is an online course by Earl Nightingale that teaches leadership, time management and achieving personal goals.
  • Rich Dad Summit: is an online summit by Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling financial literacy author, that teaches how to make and keep money.
  • The Best You Expo: is a webinar expo that offers many lectures from experts in personal growth and career development.

These courses and webinars offer participants practical tools and knowledge for personal and professional growth.

Success Resources overview – critique

Like many other companies, Success Resources has received criticism for the high cost of its seminars and trainings, which do not always meet the expectations of participants. Also, some complaints were related to a lack of transparency and inconvenience in the process of booking and paying for events.