Tony Robbins Companies is a group of companies founded by Tony Robbins, the famous motivational speaker, life coach, book author and entrepreneur. Within the Tony Robbins Companies there are several different companies that focus on different areas of business and client needs.

One of the best known companies is Robbins Research International, Inc. which provides seminars and training on personal growth, motivation, business management, etc. The company was founded in 1988 and has since conducted more than 1,000 seminars worldwide. The company’s main product is the “Unleash the Power Within” seminar, which takes place over 4 days and helps participants increase their confidence, develop their leadership skills and achieve their goals.

Another company, Strategic Advantage, Inc. – specializes in business consulting and helping entrepreneurs develop and optimize their companies. The company also offers seminars and training on business management.

Tony Robbins Companies also includes Wealth Mastery, Inc. – a company that helps clients create financial independence and achieve financial wellness, and Global Youth Leadership Summit, an organization that conducts youth leadership conferences and trainings for children and youth.

Overview of Tony Robbins Companies – Famous Events:

  • Unleash the Power Within: is a 4-day intensive training that helps people overcome their fears, boost their confidence, set goals and achieve their desired success in life.
  • Business Mastery: is a 5-day training that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to identify their goals and strategies to improve the profitability and effectiveness of their companies.
  • Date With Destiny: is a 6-day training that helps people better understand their emotions, set quality goals and improve relationships with partners, friends and family.
  • Life Mastery: is a training that helps people create a happier and more successful life by using tools and strategies to better manage their emotions, set goals and develop healthy relationships.
  • Wealth Mastery: is training that helps people achieve financial freedom and manage their finances more effectively, using strategies and tools used by Tony Robbins himself.

Tony Robbins Companies review – scandals:

  • In 1995, Tony Robbins was accused of sexual harassment during one of his “Date with Destiny” seminars. He was misrepresented to the press and was forced into a non-disclosure agreement with the victim.
  • In 2019, BuzzFeed News published an article presenting allegations against Tony Robbins Companies, including allegations of unethical practices and violence. Some workshop participants reported being asked intimate questions and being forced to be naked and share personal stories in front of other participants. The company has denied these allegations, saying that all their workshops are based on ethical principles and are supervised by professional psychologists and counsellors.
  • Also in 2019, following an article in BuzzFeed News, several universities, including Harvard and Stanford, terminated their partnership with the company.