Jay Shetty is a British writer, journalist, motivational speaker and former monk. Born in London in 1987 to an Indian family, he entered a monastery in India at the age of 22, where he stayed for more than three years practising meditation and spiritual exercises.

After returning from the monastery in 2013, he began creating content on social media and blogs on self-development, motivation, spirituality and psychology. He became a popular blogger on Facebook, where his videos and posts have been shared by millions of people.

Jay Shetty is currently one of the most sought-after motivational speakers and lecturers in the world. He conducts trainings, lectures and seminars all over the world, where he shares his experience and knowledge in the field of motivation, self-development and spirituality. He is also the author of several books, including Think Like a Monk and Purposeful.

Jay Shetty is known for his motivational videos, which often go viral on social media. He believes that everyone has the potential for personal growth and development, and so his videos and lectures aim to help people unlock their potential and become better in all aspects of life. He actively uses social media and YouTube to spread his ideas and inspire people to develop themselves.

Overview of Jay Shetty – Popular Training:

  1. “Purpose Mastery – this training helps participants define their life purpose and learn to live in accordance with it. Participants learn how to use their unique talents and capabilities to create a meaningful and successful life.
  2. “The Genius Within” – this training aims to help participants develop their intelligence and creativity. Participants will learn how to train their brains to innovate and go beyond stereotypes and limitations.
  3. “Reclaim Your Time” – this training will teach participants how to manage their time and energy efficiently. Participants will learn how to create a system of priorities to achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives.
  4. “The Art of Resilience” – this training helps participants learn how to survive life’s challenges and overcome difficulties. Participants learn how to strengthen their mental and emotional resilience to become more flexible and adaptive to change.
  5. “Rethink Your Work” – this training aims to help participants change their attitude towards work and find a source of inspiration and motivation in their professional life. Participants will learn how to create a more meaningful and satisfying career based on their individual values and beliefs.

Jay Shetty Review – Critique:

Some people consider his ideas and concepts to be rather standard and unoriginal. They argue that Jay Shetty brings nothing new to the field of motivation and self-development.

There is an opinion that Jay Shetty focuses too much on social media and promoting his personality instead of focusing on the quality of his work and materials.

It is also believed that his methods and advice are not always adapted to the specific personal and professional needs of participants, and that Jay Shetty’s trainings are not always sufficiently personalised.

There are concerns about the financial side of his business, as the trainings and programs he offers are too expensive and do not always justify their value.